About Us

About Us

What does Saranti mean?...

Derived from the yoruba word "Iranti" which means memory, Saranti is the understanding that actually your past does define you as a person but not necessarily your future, unless you allow it.

You learn from your mistakes because you remember what you did wrong. You learn from your successes because you remember what you did right.

Memory is what helps us grow. Its a vital component that contributes to who we are as individuals. BMoreU

What We Do

We are a streetwear brand focused on individuality, we enforce this through "Saranti Collabs". We collaborate with those working towards their dreams and need extra promotion. All you have to do is send us your brand logo, we review it then create a collection of our signature attire featuring your brand logo on our site. We do the hardwork, promoting your brand, whilst you work towards your dreams (T&Cs Apply). 

Our Products 

Our garments are made of cotton, though some accessories such as bags are made part or full polyester. Our products are made in the UK.