Hidden Talents

Talent Competition 

You have the skills, the talent and all those amazing lyrics written down on your phone but just don't have the platform to let it out to the world. 

In support of Dorset Mind, Saranti Attire brings you ''Hidden Talents'', a talent competition that provides you with a performance stage, publicity and most importantly, the opportunity you've been waiting for. Performers are also paid through event ticket pricing, shared 75% - 25% between you (75%) and Dorset Mind (25%). We believe a sound mind is as important as raw talent. A team of local entrepreneurs, gathered by Saranti, will act as mentors who will help and motivate you throughout the show, so you are ready for live performance!

You can see Hidden Talents on our Youtube page (here) throughout the series. More details on the overall series can also be found there, and on Hidden talent facebook page (here).

Season one 

Live on 16 March

We stay local and head to the new Buffalo Bar at Lansdowne, Bournemouth. The bar is a standout location for local artists to perform. Buffalo is home to artists who perform at open mic nights. Our agreement with Buffalo means that performers of our show will be paid via ticket pricing. Think of our talent show as a ‘’closed mic’’ competition. Do what you do, and get paid for it. All whilst having an amazing opportunity to win our ultimate prize as explained below. We are so excited to have our show at Buffalo because the venue is also permitting under 18s in premises before 9pm. This means auditions are now OPEN TO ALL.

This season's winner will win their own headlining event night at Buffalo Bar. We throw in a free custom tee that will promote your talent, and a £100 voucher to spend (with no conditions) on any item(s) on our site.


Due to a change in venue and received audition videos, we have extended our due date to 9 February.

To apply, simply send us a video with your name, age and performance.

Audition videos must be sent to info@saranti.co.uk 

Please note that the comment box below is not an audition submission method. 


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