Ep 1 - Mum and I

Scene - 50th Bday party of a respected family friend

My "superficial" self was looking through my Instagram feed and thought about deleting some old photos because they didn't quite fit my "grid". My mum featured in one of those. I paused and thought, i wear a black hat everyday with my mothers (date of birth) on and have a card which this very picture features on. So is a grid worth more?! No. So I'm going to do the opposite and instead post a series. THE PURPLE and WHITE 50th birthday party of a family friend. The first time in a long time, had i seen my mum this happy. I was more than happy take to the photos and record the videos that are immient, because it was good to see her smile from behind the lens.
What I'm saying in less cheesy ways is that I'll be doing a series of posts which will be translated to blogs on the site. The first series will be on "The Purple and White" I'm hoping that in sharing our experience you can find enlightenment.  🌓

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